Water map uses design to raise awareness on scarce resource

AMMAN — The theme of this year’s Amman Design Week triggered the imagination of five local designers to come up with a modern installation that highlights one of Jordan’s most pressing issues: the scarcity of water.

Alongside four other designers, Ahmad Sabbagh presented an installation titled “Water Table”, consisting of a table made up of materials used in making water tanks that are placed at the top of residential buildings in addition to a screen on top of the table projecting details. 

“Our idea is to raise people’s awareness towards the water problem Jordan is facing. We did a projection on water showing a map of the water movement in Jordan based on a timeline starting from the 1950s up to the future. Visitors can therefore compare the changes in water movement across time,” he told The Jordan Times in an interview at the Hangar Exhibition in Ras Al Ain on Saturday.  

Sabbagh said the information showcased in their installation is based on researches and studies.  

“Everyone knows that water is the biggest problem the Kingdom is facing and, as designers, we might not be able to come up with solutions as we are not water experts, but we can highlight this problem,” the designer added.  

Sabbagh explained that it took them a “long time” researching and interviewing water experts. 

Sabbagh said that the water timeline screens a text showing details of the major water projects in the Kingdom, as well as agreements that affected the water movement in Jordan. 

“We wanted to use technology to introduce an entertaining new kind of presentation,” he added.  

He expressed hope that their project would later be exhibited in a museum or at a workplace in the water sector. 

Sabbagh commended the idea of Amman Design Week, noting that the event helps make design accessible for all people.

“We see all segments of society attend the event and this shows that design is for all, not just for specific groups of people because all the works on display are related to all people and their daily life,” he added.  

Regarding the hangar location of the exhibition, he said there is a “special bond” between the location and their project. 

“The hangar location is really important for us. It is located in Ras Al Ain where a river used to pass by, which is closely related to our project. This gives us a special feeling and our table was also placed in the same direction as the water used to flow from in the past,” he concluded. 

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