Visa Requirements

Entry and Visa Requirements

Any non-Arab visitor to Jordan, whether entering for business or as a tourist, needs an entry visa.

The fee required for a visa, as well as the length of stay which is granted, depends on the visitor’s nationality.

Although entrance visas are obtainable at the airport for visitors arriving by airplane, those arriving by land must get a visa prior to arrival.

These are obtainable from any Jordanian diplomatic mission abroad, where they generally take a day to receive.

Visas cannot be obtained at Jordan's land border crossings.

Visas obtained in Jordanian consulates are valid for 3-4 months from the date of issue, and can be issued for multiple entries.

Tourist visas allow a stay of up to one month initially.

However, this period can easily be extended for up to another two months.

After that date you must exit and re-enter the country, or undergo immigration procedures.

If your visa has not been renewed properly by the time you leave Jordan you will have to pay a fine at the border.

If you plan to stay for more than two weeks in Jordan, you will need to register at the nearest police station.

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