Jordan transportation has played a critical role in the economy of Jordan.

Transportation in Jordan has developed to cater to the regional requirements.

Ports, airports and roads are the three main types of infrastructure that have assisted in the development of Jordan transportation.

Development of Jordan Transportation:

* The present area of Jordon, home to various ancient civilizations, bears evidences of many trade routes.

Pilgrims and traders continuously traveled through the region and this later gave birth to several transportation networks.

* The number of transports that increased as well with growing trade, gradually made Jordon the center of transportation in the entire region.

* Jordanian ports play an important role in supporting sea transportation of Jordon.

The port of Aqaba, serves as an entrance to the country.

The port located strategically, acts as a point of convergence of the rapidly expanding Asian markets and the European markets.

* The new trade agreements signed by Jordan, aims at the further development of Jordan transportation.

Jordon Transportation includes:

* Highways
* Ports
* Railroads
* Airports
* Merchant marine

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