Syria air raids hit near Turkish military post

Syria air raids hit near Turkish military post

ADEN: Fighting shook Aden again on Wednesday when government forces attacked the Yemeni city's eastern suburbs and fought artillery duels with southern separatists, residents said.
Government forces have recaptured most of the neighbouring towns they had previously lost to the separatists before moving towards the port city of Aden, they said.
The government's information minister Muammar Al-Iryani said on Twitter that government forces had taken Aden's airport from the separatists.
Witnesses said clashes could be heard in Aden's Al-Arech and Khor Maksar districts, as well as around Aden's airport.
Government forces took control of Zinjibar, the capital of the neighbouring Abyan, earlier on Monday, after securing most of the oil-producing province of Shabwa and its liquefied natural gas terminal in Balfaf.

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