Dust storms halt maritime operations in Kuwait

Dust storms halt maritime operations in Kuwait

DUBAI: The Yemeni army has continued in its advances against the Houthis, liberating strategic areas in Saada that were strong-holds of the militia, the armed forces media center said Thursday.

Backed by the Saudi-led Arab coalition, the army advanced in the western part of Saada province, northwestern Yemen, making gains in Baqem district.

The forces also liberated Mount Al-Omani during the attack.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the Yemeni army clashed with Houthi militia in Taiz, where dozens of Houthis died and several others were injured.

The Yemeni army also attacked Houthi posts in other areas in Taiz, killing 11 and wounding several others, Colonel Hamid Al-Khalidi told the Yemen News Agency.

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