There are several types of bus service operating in Jordan. The enormous blue-and-white buses belonging to the JETT bus company run on limited routes within the country and run charter tours.

JETT connects Amman to Aqaba, the King Hussein Bridge, Petra, and Hammamat Ma�een. You should book in advance for JETT buses. The JETT station is located on King Hussein Street about 500 meters from the Abdali bus station.

Large private buses, usually air-conditioned, run north from Amman to Irbid and south to Aqaba. There are two main bus stations in Amman: Abdali and Wahdat. Buses from Abdali go to Ajloun, Beqa�a, Deir Alla, Fuheis, Jerash, Irbid, Sweileh, Wadi Seer and the King Hussein Bridge. Most of these fares cost less than half a dinar.

Buses from Wahdat station go south of Amman to Aqaba, Madaba, Petra, Ma�an, Wadi Mousa, Karak and Hammamat Ma�een. Fares for these routes are usually below 2 JD. Destinations are shown on the front of public buses in Arabic, so if you do not read Arabic ask to be shown the bus you need.

All smaller towns are connected by 20-seat minibuses. These leave when full and on some routes operate infrequently.

The Dead Sea is one destination that is difficult to get to without private transport, as there are no JETT or public buses operating there.

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