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    Amman, the capital of Jordan, is a fascinating city of contrasts – a unique blend of old and new, ideally situated on a hilly area between the desert and the fertile Jordan Valley.

    In the commercial heart of the city, ultra-modern buildings, hotels, smart restaurants, art galleries and boutiques rub shoulders comfortably with traditional coffee shops and tiny artisans' workshops. Everywhere there is evidence of the city’s much older past.

    Due to the city’s modern-day prosperity and temperate climate, almost half of Jordan’s population is concentrated in the Amman area.

    The residential suburbs consist of mainly tree-lined street and avenues flanked by elegant, almost uniformly white houses, in accordance with a municipal law, which states that all buildings must be faced with local stone.

    The downtown area is much older and more traditional with smaller businesses producing and selling everything from fabulous jewellery to everyday household items.

    The people of Amman are multi-cultural, multi-denominational, well educated and extremely hospitable. They welcome visitors and take pride in showing them around their fascinating and vibrant city.

    Amman City Tour is a great way for tourists visiting Amman to explore the City.

    The tour consists of a circular bus route that encompasses a variety of locations, such as the Roman Theater, Shopping Malls, Downtown (or "Balad" as it is called), Museums, Parks and the Wakalat Street shopping district, amongst others. Amman City Tour offers its passengers the convenience of 45 stops in one bus ride, operating between the hours of 10am and 8pm every day of the year (until 6pm during winter months).

    So, be sure to contact your travel agent or tour operator and get your Amman City Tour bus pass today! Amman City Tours offers it's passengers a unique experience ''HOP ON, HOP OFF'' bus service with 45 destinations. The Amman City Tour operates comfortable, air conditioned buses via a loop-route that encompasses the best sights in Amman.

    You can visit the fascinating Roman Theater and Nymphaeum, that reflect the historic legacy of the city, and the enchanting Citadel which has stood since the ancient times of the Ammonites.

    Or enjoy a leisurely stroll through the King Hussein Park and visit the Automobile Museum, which contains the late King Hussein's car collection, or the Children's Museum.

    Jabal Amman 1st Circle Walking Trail is also interesting, with its coffeshops and grand traditional villas. If it's shopping you're after, then the pedestrian Wakalat shopping district offers a wide selection of international brand names to choose from.

    For a more exotic and traditional experience you can visit the old-downtown, also known as the ''Souq'', and take in the traditional sights and smells of the spice market, and shop for authentic souvenirs.

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