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TOKYO: Waseda University and the embassy of Oman held a joint cultural evening to mark the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Oman.

Dr. Mohamed Said Al Busaidi, the Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman to Japan made the opening speech in front of approximately 80 students and a number of professors. His speech highlighted the importance of the bilateral diplomatic relations which have officially existed for fifty years, but which in reality began 400 years ago between the two countries.

The ambassador pointed out the important geopolitical aspect of Oman which is at the crossroads of trade between Asia, the Middle East and Africa.  After his formal presentation, he described the many scenic features that make his country a special destination for travelers.

Students of politics, economics and physics told Arab News Japan they enriched their knowledge about the world and Oman. 

The event also included a presentation on daily life in Oman, and Arabic lessons by students from Oman. Some students also wore traditional costumes from different regions of Oman and demonstrated an Arabic coffee ceremony.  

Traditional items and jewelry were displayed alongside films and photos that illustrated the unique culture of Oman. 

A quiz was held at the end with prizes related to Oman and all participants received a small gift to remind them of the event. 

This is the second time that an event like this has been organized at Waseda University. Similar events to mark the bilateral relations and raise cultural awareness of the country are to follow, according to the embassy.

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